Botanical Healing Arts & Massage:

"Aromatherapy belongs to the realm of natural therapeutics. As such it is based on certain principles which are shared by herbal medicine, homeopathy, etc. These principles are complementary and are based on man's interpretation of nature from his understanding of life." Robert Tisserand

My mission is to provide a truly integrated approach to holistic health and wellness through aromatherapy and massage.

Safety First

jojoba oilSafety is one of my greatest concerns and so all of my classes start with basic safety precautions. Essential oils are the aromatic volatile substances that plants offer us and as such they must be respected. I always tell my students that just because something is natural does not mean it is harmless. The oils are chemically complex and highly concentrated. I always recommend blending essential oils with carriers such as jojoba oil, sweet almond and other cold pressed carrier oils. 

The scope of most aromatherapy education in the United States is not sufficient to understand everything involved in taking essential oils internally. French Aromatherapy training offers a more complete overview of essential oil ingestion. However, the synergy of these life enhancing blends as diffusions, massage oils, compresses and the many other methods of application aid us in healing body, mind and spirit. I hope you will decide to embark on your own aromatic journey.

There are many masters in the field and it is always wise to read as much as possible. The website will always have a list of recommended reading.