Botanical Healing Arts & Massage:

"Aromatherapy belongs to the realm of natural therapeutics. As such it is based on certain principles which are shared by herbal medicine, homeopathy, etc. These principles are complementary and are based on man's interpretation of nature from his understanding of life." Robert Tisserand

My mission is to provide a truly integrated approach to holistic health and wellness through aromatherapy and massage.

Personal Consultation

If you have any specific issues you are trying to address, please contact me to schedule a consultation via email, phone, or in person. Based on your Personal Client Assessment I will develop a specific aromatherapy treatment plan that meets your individual needs. The Personal Client Assessment Form is easily completed and allows me to consider your particular needs.

Remember that essential oils are not just appealing scents, and will not affect every person in the same way. A Certified and Registered Aromatherapist such as myself has studied the possible effects of the oils, and will always recommend that these blends are not intended to take the place of any medical treatment or the advice of a medical professional.

Certified Aromatherapists believe that aromatherapy is just one part of an holistic approach to an individual’s health, and I am happy to work in consultation with other health care providers. Normally, I can complete my analysis of your Assessment in an hour or less. My fee is $50 an hour for the first two hours, with a minimum of one hour. Additional hours are $45/hr. Personal massage and aromatherapy clients receive a 10% discount on any purchases made within 30 days of my response to their Assessment.

Payment is in advance, by personal check, Visa or MasterCard. You can send me your completed Personal Client Assessment Form by mail if you are paying by check, or by fax or as an email attachment if by credit card. For credit card payment, please include the credit card name, account number, security number (usually on the back), expiration date, cardholder name and address.

Aroma Massage is also a specialty that can include specific oils based on your needs: pain, stress, etc  The majority of my massage clients prefer aroma massage due to the increased health benefits they have experienced.

Feel free to call or email me if you have questions!

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Essential oils are used at your own discretion and I am not liable for any complications or problems arising directly or indirectly from the use or misuse of these products.